Left Coast Libations

The Art of West Coast Bartending

About LCL

LCL was born out of a booklet of the same name, self-published by Charles and Ted Munat in the summer of 2008. This booklet was handed out to hundreds of people and created a buzz. One copy fell into the hands of Scott Bodarky, a Bay Area book publisher, who approached the Munat Brothers about doing it again, and this time for real. Scott introduced Ted to Michael Lazar, who had for some ungodly reason set about the task of making every single cocktail recipe from the booklet, whether they required bacon washed bourbon or homemade bitters or some other such cumbersome and troubling ingredient. Scott, Michael, and Ted soon thereafter formed a partnership and began collaborating on a new, hardbound, color photographed, real life big boy book.

Beautiful photographs of fifty of the drinks of LCL were taken by Jenn Farrington. Each profile is written by Ted Munat, based ever so loosely on the actual facts given to him by the trusting bartenders. Ted has become somewhat renowned for his inability to stick to the point, so there’s really no telling what might be discussed in these “bios.” Every single drink recipe, and every single homemade ingredient, has been tested and proofed by Michael to ensure the reader will derive the same results as were intended by the bartenders. Presumably this attention to detail and professionalism will offset Ted’s foolish scribblings.

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